Gift Registry & Wish List


Create your complimentary baby registry and/or wish list with our easy to use registry system, either in-store and/or online. You can manage your registries, or our consultants can provide support to manage the process on your behalf!

Once you create your registry, you will receive an email with your registry share link. This does not apply to wish lists.

Please login or create your Kids 'N Kribs account to begin.


KNK Registry

  • Searchable by name on KNK website
  • Tracks purchases from the registry
  • Tracks counts of items remaining to be purchased from the registry
  • URL can be shared with friends and family by the Registrant
  • Recommended for Baby Showers 

  • KNK Wish List

    • Not searchable on KNK website
    • Does not track purchases from the wish list
    • Does not track counts of items on the wish list
    • URL must be shared with friends and family by the Wish List Creator
    • Intended for Birthdays, Holidays, etc.


    Create a Registry
    I want to create my Kids 'N Kribs registry.

    I want to update my Kids 'N Kribs registry.

    I am looking for someone's Kids 'N Kribs registry.

    Share a Registry
    1. To share your registry, go to the "Gift Registry" menu and select "Manage a Registry".
    2. Select your registry name to access your "Share" options from your registry menu.
    3. Click on the "Share" tab of your registry menu to see your sharing options.


      Create a Wish List

      1. Select a product you would like to add to your wish list and click on the "Add to Wish List" Button.
      2. Continuing adding products to your wish list.
      I want to manage my Kids 'N Kribs wish list.

      Share a Wish List
      1. To share your registry, go to the "Gift Registry" menu and select "Manage a Wish List".
      2. Your wish list will open and your sharing options are displayed on the top of the page.